Now i am stuck with old floppy’s to transfer files, but, lucky me; it has an Ethernet card build in. Last edited by DavidH on Tue Feb 07, 6: Here’s an off-the-wall suggestion, proceeding from my mighty brain: This are actual photo’s of the card itself. Posted November 18, If you click on the posters’ names, some of them—such as esquilax —seem to still be active on Ars as of last fall. Wed Feb 08, 9:

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I remember setting up network mac’s using a dongle plugged into the serial port or something then using phone wire to hook it up.

Greetings, Daan Is it really an ethernet port or a telephone port? Tue Feb 07, 3: Also this page seems to be extremely informative. You’re right, daanvdlthe driver they have for 6 different part numbers is release 2.

Tue Feb 07, 8: This are actual photo’s of the card itself. Was way cheaper than buying tons of LocalTalk cables. Cameron Kaiser suggested changing the ID code with ResEdit, but I’ve not been able to figure out how to do that so far.


Tue Feb 07, If it’s System 7, and the Farallon skyline wireless card, try here – the download link for Farallon Skyline PC card works for me:.

Supported Ethernet Cards at FAS Network (Macintosh)

David; Thank you so much for calling them! The famed Tekserve computer store used to periodically publish CDs with lots of drivers. Wed Feb 08, 6: Plus, its nice to support the Maker community they’re manufactured in small scale, non commercial quantities by one guy. Register a new account.

All the Farallon support links are dead. Etehr November 18, I therefore believe that the right software is the most obvious solution: I also just phoned Mike’s Tech Shop atbut they don’t have any of those old CDs either.

Farallon Ethernet PC Card – Apple PowerBook | eBay

Wed Feb 08, That would be true unless it has an RJ port on it, which it might but you haven’t indicated it does. I just booted it and did a Find for PhoneNet, but found nothing—it did find a script for a Farallon modem among many other modem scripts.


Why doesn’t daanvdl go to Proxim’s support Web page and fill out the support form you can reach from there by ethef the Contact Us item on the top right OK, I’ll save you a click; it goes to here? Nevertheless I question what good eyher card will do you.

Sign up for a new account in our community. Sign in Already have an account? Is there someone who can help me out to find the drivers for this card?

The Great White North Registered: Aug 10, Posts: Try reading this threadespecially post 9. Also; The green led will turn on when i attached it to my Airport Extreme. And some of them put e-mail addresses into their profiles, as I used to do, so you might not erher to PM them.

This topic was discussed before: I thought I sent you a PM a few days ago.