Required and case sensitive. Name, Presentation, Description, Created. Date To make these attributes searchable, enter this value for Attribute list: Enter one of the following values: All materials contained in this publication are protected by Copyright More information. Starting Path for Crawl Full path where the crawl starts. A connection to Active Directory using Microsoft Security is not supported.

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Required This setting can be one of the following: Oracle Content Server generates feeds for all documents for the initial crawl, and feeds for updated and deleted documents for the incremental crawl. Why Is This Important?

Create the Oracle Content Database server keystore with the following keytool command, substituting a secure password for password. However, if another document has the same attribute with a real value, then the attribute is indexed. Daniel Liang This supplement covers the following topics: Enter a value larger than or equal to the number of crawling threads used by Oracle SES. Cecily Henry 1 years ago Views: Hence, there is jdbv special character as the level divider when testing for account permissions.


Enter documentim of the following values: Debugging your Code There are two variables within dmjdbc. Information in this document is subject to change without notice.

Getting Started with the Documentum econnector for JDBC 4.2

The crawler does not have sufficient access rights to crawl the documents if it uses the identity of a non-administrative user. Visitor Read permissions on focumentum site are sufficient. This procedure uses the JDK keytool to create the keys. The entire DocBase1 is crawled. Store both the keystore password and the private server key password in a secure location so Oracle Content Database can access the keystore and the private key.

Realm Realm of the Oracle Content Server instance. This information is provided when the crawler tries to crawl attachments documntum are not supported for a particular entity.

A Blob instance is valid for the duration of the transaction session in which it was created. Log in to DA.

Documentum and Java : JDBC

Creating a database c. Enter the source name and the values for the parameters described in Table Captures even document-level security. These let you show the direct folder path and direct folder URL for each document hit.


Chapter 9 Java and SQL. The connector extends the searching capabilities of Oracle SES and enables it to search into an external repository. It creates an index, stores the metadata, and accesses information in Oracle SES to provide search capabilities according to the end user permissions. Administrator Password Administrative user password.

Configuring Access to Content Management Sources

URL for viewing the documents: Set this parameter when the data feeds are accessed over HTTP. The names of the containers to be crawled by Oracle SES. Idoc is an Oracle Content Server proprietary scripting language. When users visit the page they will be prompted More information. An account is a group of content.