The “Pro” release adds the ability to perform predictive site surveys. This download link is for the driver version 9. CommView for WiFi captures every packet on the air to display important information such as the list of access points and stations, per-node and per-channel statistics, signal strength, a list of packets and network connections, protocol distribution charts, etc. Download our CheckAdapter application to test out your wireless adapter. Noise level is unavailable. These bugs make these adapters unusable for any serious network monitoring and analysis.

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This driver works on Windows Vista 6. Only download this driver. Presented here is a partial list of the wireless adapters that are supported by VisiWave Site Survey. Using this adapter in a virtual machine is not supported and not recommended. If you see “WNv2”, then it’s v2.

Version 1 has no limitations. It DOES support version v2. Considering these limitations, these adapters should not be used for professional network monitoring and analysis.

The supported channel sets depend on the regulatory domain; the sets listed above are found in the adapters being sold in North America. The supported channel set in the 5 GHz band is limited. Advertising seems to be blocked by your browser. Drop us an email or have us contact you: For Vista or later the scan rate is also reported.


VisiWave Traffic is a new way to analyze wireless traffic. If you want to use these adapters for connectivity, you should install the driver provided by the vendor. The adapter drivers report an incorrect signal level the same level for all packets and incorrect data rate.

If your wireless adapter isn’t working, make sure you read the help that is provided within the CheckAdapter utility. Additionally, the product provides an open interface for plugging in custom decoding modules.

Download and install TamoSoft CommView Belkin Wireless A/G Desktop Network Card – driver id

If these utilities are installed, the application might be unable to capture packets. Packet injection using Packet Generator is not possible.

The sets of the adapters being sold in other parts of the world might be different. If you see “WN”, then it’s v1. Jul 22 7: Sign up for access to the VisiWave Online Training Course and learn all aspects of performing a site survey and creating survey reports.

If you still want to experiment, use a USB 2.

The purpose of this document is to describe such limitations and requirements in detail. CommView for WiFi is a powerful wireless network monitor and analyzer for Packet injection using Packet Generator is limited to only one send rate, 1 Mbps.


A new, major release of VisiWave Site Survey v5. Please support our project by allowing our site to show ads.

Your driver version must be 2. Click here for more information. TamoSoft applied a digital signature to this driver.

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Make sure that the Broadcom driver that bel,in are using for your adapter is version 5 or higher. To check what version you have, look at the side of the adapter.

Using this utility, you can simply and easily determine if your wireless adapter is supported on a Windows laptop computer. CommView for WiFi is a comprehensive and affordable tool for wireless LAN administrators, security professionals, network programmers, or anyone who wants to have a full picture of cmomveiw WLAN traffic.