Just Another GTX? Rather than clutter up our performance tests with a full set of numbers from another card, we decided to sum up its performance first. Future Proof My PC. I am replacing my card today with an mb because it comes with a nice cushy lifetime warranty. Here we take a look at the stock GTX vs. Or if you can swing it get the GTS like the other guy said which is by far the best bang for the buck on the market right now.

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The GT has always been priced poorly.

Sonicgod Follow Forum Posts: Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. Its also been said by Gamespot and other websites that actual DX10 “next-next gen” games might run on the ALOT better than compairable DX9 video cards for the same price. Bfst Proof My PC. Looks at theit “could” run HDR but did not have enough power to actually run any game with it turned on.

Is The nvidea 7900 gt a good card for gaming.

KorJax Follow Forum Posts: So don’t tell me you can’t play DX9 games on that card. What about the gs???? Schismpunk Follow Forum Posts: You want to know why? Don’t show this again.


If it were me I would go for the XXT all the way. And it is quite a lot slower than the GT which is not that much more.

It replaced the GoGTX. It can also be a super performer vest an up to 2. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in I can pick either one of them up here in the Netherlands for EUR.

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This card is sure to be popular amongst performance enthusiasts. It affects all series cards. This is undoubtedly the fastest mid-range card I have ever tested staying with or bettering the GTX in the benchmarks used in this preview. All I can tell you is that I love my much cheaper GS, and it runs games nicely. ATI’s comparable chips use the same 90nm process, but they have more features and are thus larger, which explains their higher costs.

Plus here’s a nice linky with info about the Radeon X DarKre Follow Forum Posts: Thanks, and I’m not saying hest the 8xxx line is going to be as bad as the FX line but I am saying that the s are going to be just as weak as the s and the s. The same will be try for the s.


GT: Just Another GTX? – NVIDIA’s Tiny 90nm G71 and G GeForce and Debut

Both have been on the market for two months, and after an initial period of 790gt, online vendors finally have plenty of both cards in stock from Nvidia’s board partners. What will it take for you people to learn!! NO pro tho please as it requires ne power supply and more space.

But it might be worth splashing out for the GTS. The GT should have never been put on the market. My gs worked great for 7900gf of a few months.

If you want a great DX9. Like lets say you get the Thousands of people have this problem. Frames-per-dollar aside, this card and all of Nvidia’s most recent graphics chips have a problem: