My bios version was 1. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Now when I type ‘lsmod grep ath’ I get: Wlan simply would not work in xp with this bios revision Does anyone have any ideas?

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Do you know where Nofebook can get the XP drivers? But, if this works I can only say thank you so much for posting, I hope it is of some help to some other Fujitsu-Siemens users out there. The issue with I finaly got it to work audio up and running with version 1.

It feels like Fujitsu have made a “Windows only” piece of hardware with this horrid vista compatible software wireless switch! It’s a rapidshare link, so it’s not “direct” download.

My Xpress m graphics card is notdbook fully supported by Maverick but im still hoping, 3D one day.!!!!!!!! If it is cheaper to order it from Slovenia or some other EU country, that shouldn’t be a problem But I guess, there wasnt anything you could do. OMG I sound like a sales rep Cheers having the same trouble myself, got the amilo li and had the wireless working but when I moved from kernel 2.

As for the wireless did you see any sign of the keyboard wireless light come on after the Full install?


Drivers for Fujitsu AMILO Li 2727 notebooks Wi-Fi devices

At this point, many people say, they’ve gone back to Windows and scrapped Ubuntu. However, some stuff is not very clear for me. Since this whole thing took quite some time I decided to post this here and also to share the drivers with you.

The device manager was missing the following drivers: I’ve had notebooi fill of reading about people getting their Amilo to work only to find their fix just does nothing for me.

Hey, I know this thread hasn’t been touched in well over a year, but I’ve recently struggled to find a quick fix for this problem, and I’ve found one!

I’ll be back in my comfort zone fairly soon. If that doesnt work, U might want to download the latest version of the madwifi hal driver at http: It’s really quite simple, once you know how. Now when I type ‘lsmod grep ath’ I get: For Li XP drivers please have a look at this post. Atheros wlan got the drivers also can’t remember the site and got it running with the vista version of launch manager but only with one small detail!

[ubuntu] Cannot turn on wireless in FSC Amilo Li [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Maybe if that problem 27277 be overcome, this would work which may be of use to someone else with this problem. Then i googled a little and surprisingly no solution could be found. Notebokk was tired of Windows, and thought that Ubuntu would be less hassle.


It opens a web page, where you select “free download option”, then you usually have to wait a minute until the countdown reaches 0 then you can download the file. I am using the madwifi-hal I have tried that before and it worked after I got into a similar situation.

This is first ever post here. My friend bought it and since her budget was very limited she bought a version without operating system with live Linux to be exact. Sorry for my English, is very bad. Does anyone have any ideas? I did not have to do the modprobe thing. I allready downloaded drivers you posted, but I never used n-lite before and I even don’t know which version should be downloaded. Obviously, it’s all too late for me as I ended up taking the computer back and getting an Ubuntu machine from Dell so I can’t try this out anymore.

Then it was time to install the drivers.