I Wanted to Get Settled in Quickly

  • Posted on April 17, 2017 at 4:30 am

I was looking forward to moving to Marietta once I graduated from college. I know everyone expected me to stay in Vermont since that is where the majority of my friends and family are, but I always knew in my heart that I was going to head south. I applied for a teaching position at a Marietta school, and I was hired after just one interview. I had a couple of months before I had to show up for my first day, but I still looked at Marietta GA apartments online because I wanted to get everything situated well before my first day of school.

I looked at several complexes that are real close to where I will be teaching, but there was one thing or another wrong with all of them. I did not just go by the website for the apartment complex but the review sites for the area as well. I figured that the management team will show me the good, but I wanted to know the bad and the ugly too. The best way to find that out is going right to the source, which is from people who have lived there in the past or are still living there.

I was really happy when I saw all the positive reviews about the condition of the apartments as well as the management team. I also fell in love with the pictures that I looked at on the apartment complex’s website. I was able to fill out an application online, and it did not take very long to get the word that the apartment was mine. I had plenty of time to move in and just relax before starting my new teaching job. I was able to make some new friends, learn about the neighborhood and just have a good time. I am at school now five days a week, so I am really glad I had that time to do all that!

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