I Had to Get out of the City to Find Some Peace

  • Posted on April 12, 2017 at 4:30 pm

When I was just out of school, I got an apartment in downtown St. Louis. I wanted to experience urban living after growing up on a farm. I got a decent job in the city, and things were going along okay for a few months. Then I got tired of the routines and pace of city living. I wanted something a bit more relaxed, and I figured the suburbs would be a good compromise between the rural I grew up with and the urban I was now experiencing. I checked out an apartment finder for Florissant MO to find a place outside of the city. I had been using mass transit, and that was another thing I just could not get used to. I would go in early to work and stay late just to avoid rush hour.

I was keeping my job in the city, but I bought a car to make the commute. I found out that I was too independent of a personality to fit in with the crowd way of doing things. Not to say I did not give a shot though. I remember my last day taking public transit into work. I was looking forward to my daily drive to work and back. I still came in early and left late to avoid rush hour traffic, but it was really nice with it just being me in the car. No more sitting down next to people who were rude, smelly or outright obnoxious. Of course, most of the folks using public transit were just regular folks like me. It was those few that made it feel like I had no control at all.

It was nice to get a new apartment too. I finally was in a building where I did not hear muffled voices and pounding footsteps all hours of the day and night. I am pretty quiet by nature. My neighbors at the old place probably do not even know I moved! It is nice to have more square feet for the rent I pay, and to have a place with a pool!

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