Paying the Same Rent and Getting a Whole Lot More Apartment

  • Posted on April 7, 2017 at 4:30 am

Our landlord has upped the rent three years in a row. The problem is that he is not doing anything with the place to justify the increase. We were staying because we liked our neighbors next door a whole lot. When they told us that they found other apartments near McDonough GA that were the same rent but you get a lot more, I was wondering what they meant. They showed my wife and I a website online for apartment homes at Crossings at McDonough. The pictures of the apartments looked very nice, so we all decided to take a drive over to see what they had.

The first place we looked at was perfect for us, and it had an open apartment next door that was available. It matched the floor plan they needed for their family with kids and so did the one we looked at. The person who was showing us the place showed us a few more, but we really liked the first two. We would have a fireplace, there was a laundry room in the apartment just off from the kitchen, and it had hookups for a washer and a dryer. That was what really got us interested. No more basement laundry room for us!

Plus, the closets were really big inside. There was enough space to store all of our junk. The kitchen had a really nice design theme, and the black appliances were included. We could sell our old refrigerator, and we would have a dishwasher in this kitchen that was not me, my wife or the kids! We did not have a dishwasher at the old apartment. That was a standing joke when the kids asked me when we were going to get a dishwasher. I would ask them why I would want that when I had two dishwashers. They never appreciated my humor on that. Anyway, our neighbors and us signed leases for the first two apartments we saw. Same rent and more stuff.

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