Mom Finally Getting the Nice Luxury Apartment in Grand Prairie That She Deserves

  • Posted on April 4, 2017 at 4:30 am

My mom cleaned other peoples houses and apartments for a living. We lived in public housing when I was young. It was just circumstances, but we made the best of it. Mom made sure we went to school and received good grades. My sister and I went to college largely on grants and public money. We graduated and got good jobs. Now we mentor kids from where we grew up, and together we pay for Mom to live in one of the nicer luxury apartments in Grand Prairie TX. She had us very young, so she is nowhere near her senior years.

My sister lives in one of the apartments in the same building. I have always liked her place. The big rooms, tall ceilings, beautiful flooring and new appliances are all nice touches in a very nice apartment. She also has a washer and dryer. That is the one thing that actually made Mom the happiest. She no longer needs to go to a laundromat or dingy laundry room in a basement. Mom no longer works cleaning houses. She worked to get her degree and works in a law office. It was only about four years ago that she took her first real vacation. She went on a cruise in the Bahamas and had a great time.

I live on the other side of the country, but I would not mind having one of these luxury apartments in Grand Prairie TX if I ever move. I have stayed with Mom and my sister when I visit, and both apartments are really nice. I was impressed with the interiors of both places. Their places are roomy with big closets, and the kitchens are beautiful. The outdoor amenities include everything you would ever want in an apartment complex. They have a lot more than what I have at my place.

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